Modern Age (2021)

In 2021, Texan singer-songwriter (born in Dallas in 1980) long-time resident in Tuscany Vanessa Peters released a cheerful and extremely pleasant album.
“Modern Age” (pre-empted by the singles “Crazymaker” and “Modern Age”) is at home in the noble territory of ‘art music’ enriched with a flowery pop sound: eleven tracks composed by Peters herself (with the exception of Valley Of Ashes and Hood Ornament, the music of which was written by Rip Rowan, the artist’s husband and producer of “Modern Age” and drummer for all the tracks) which, despite being inspired by sensitive and at times even dramatic situations (self-esteem, a friend’s illness, heinous construction that damages the environment, displays of discouraging masculinity and more) are deliciously packaged in charming, multi-coloured, smiling pentagrams.
Riccardo Caccia
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