Weather Alive (2022)

Sometimes edgy voice other times barely whispered (but always highly expressive), the presence (in addition to traditional instruments) of vibraphone, saxophone, programmed drums, minimoog, a variety of keyboards and expertly calibrated electronic sounds make "Weather Alive" a fascinating record, one of the most engaging works among those released in 2022.
The proprietor is Elizabeth Caroline "Beth" Orton, a very valid English singer-songwriter who has owned a handful of albums since 1993, when she released her first solo record "Superpinkymandy".
"Weather Alive" thrives on eight songs composed by Orton either solo or together with longtime collaborators: as in the case of the splendid track "Forever Young", written by the owner of "Weather Alive" together with Oliver Kraus, a musician engaged in composing dozens of soundtracks and actively present in Beth Orton's previous recording works.
Riccardo Caccia
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